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My Name Is Blue

Humans and sea turtles in the Mediterranean.
A story about coexistence.

The Last Fisherman

The story of Kostas Divolis, the last remaining professional fisherman on Sikinos island, Greece.

Sekania, A Beach for Sea Turtles

The documentary presents the story of Sekania, one of the greatest conservation victories in the Mediterranean, which ensured the protection of one of the most important "maternity wards" of the loggerhead turtle in the region.

The documentary was presented on the occasion of World Oceans Day by WWF and CNN in Greece.

Indigenius Loci

The film explores the interface of man and nature. Vasilis Fourkiotis, deep ecologist, shepherd, and sociologist strides across his ancestral lands immersed in spiritual reflections of a postmodern world.

E(G)EO - The Sea For Me

Embark on a mesmerizing journey exploring the intimate relationship between man and sea, set against the stunning backdrop of the Greek Cycladic Islands.

The March Of Hope

Trailer to the feature documentary exploring the lives of refugees in Europe. Release September 2017.

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Fred Normal

A story of hope from the island of Lesbos in Greece. Fred stands for the people who choose empathy as the guiding principle of their actions.