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Mind The Bump, Showreel 2023
A selection of our work in 2023.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

During a trip to the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Bill Gates explores innovations in science from past to present.

Google Workspace & Ippen Digital

Ippen Digital operates the largest News network for regional publishers in Europe. Discover how Ippen Digital transformed its culture to increase collaboration while allowing their employees to work from anywhere.

Euronews, Scenes

Lefteris Arapakis is a 26-year old Greek activist and the Co-founder & Manager of Enaleia, a nonprofit focused on sea cleanup and fishing. He is also an UN Young Champion of the Earth Europe, as well as an UNEP-MAP Ambassador for the Mediterranean. Through Enaleia, Lefteris is working to reduce plastic pollution in Greece one catch at a time.

Deuter, Jaypack 34+ Campaign Trailer
For a whopping three months, we put this backpack through its paces, from conquering Mount Olympus (no gods spotted, unfortunately) to braving salty marshes and estuaries, and to remote Tunisian islands. All in the name of answering one burning question: will it last?
RHI Magnesita, Sustainable Heat Management for Modern Life

Refractories are an essential component for human life. Without them, materials like steel, glass and cement could not be produced, as they are manufactured at temperatures hotter than a volcano. Global industries of all kinds would grind to a halt, and modern life would be nowhere near what it is today. Mobile phones, cars and buildings would cease to exist.

CNBC, Make It
Steve Tsentserensky, 35, officially became a digital nomad earlier this year. He relocated from New Jersey to Split, Croatia in January 2021 and has been working remotely as a writer and video producer ever since. The popularity of digital nomadism exploded due to the pandemic's lockdowns and the newfound flexibility to work from anywhere.
Palfinger, Global Leader in Innovative Crane and Lifting Solutions

As the global leader in its engineering field, PALFINGER aims to ensure its partners business success in the long term by providing solutions and products that remain economically and ecologically viable in the future. PALFINGER’s broad product and model portfolio allow the company to take digitalization and the deployment of artificial intelligence to new levels.

WWF Greece, Eat4Change

#Eat4Change is all about how everyone can make simple, small changes to how they eat that are easy to stick to and make us feel good. They’re the changes you want to make, and the relationship you want to have with the food you eat.

Elgato, Project Wave

From the initial idea to the final product: the journey of Elgato's WAVE microphone.

Client: Elgato
Produced for: SMAL GmbH
Art Direction: Sebastien Coelho
Titles: Lisa Treml
Additional Camera Angles: Lewitt GmbH

TBD Germany, Labor Staber

With eight laboratory locations in Bavaria, Saxony, and Baden-Württemberg, as well as a dedicated IT site and approximately 850 employees, Labor Staber is one of the leading laboratory groups in Germany and is always close to its customers.

My Daughter And The Sea

Produced within the framework of the MedBycatch and Experiences & Knowledge Sharing Project For Building and Maintaining Strong Collaborations Between Fishery Observers and the Fishing Community projects, financed by the MAVA Foundation, this video shows how the love between father and daughter enriches their perspective.
ARAG / The Smart Insurance Company

ARAG is the ideal solution to the type of institution insurance customers look for; the largest family enterprise in the German insurance sector, and one of the three leading legal insurance providers in the world, with an aim to be the best legal insurer in the world.

For TBD Media / Bloomberg

Photologo, A Photographer’s Quest

Following photographer Brendan Lynch on his search for a signature image in Iceland. From its majestic mountains and geothermal hot springs to stunning waterfalls and picturesque glaciers, Brendan wants to capture the one image that says it all.

Kensington, Rodeo Product Trailer

Client: Kensington
Produced for: SMAL GmbH
Concept: Vicky Markolefa & Paulo Santos
Art Direction: Sebastien Coelho
3D Animation: Lisa Treml & Elmar Glaubauf
Edit: Lisa Treml
Model: Cataya

Tackling Marine Litter In The Mediterranean
The Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) is dedicated to preserving marine ecosystems through scientific knowledge and sustainable practices. Their Plastic Busters MPAs project focuses on addressing plastic pollution in marine protected areas by assessing its impact, devising management strategies, and raising public awareness, ultimately contributing to the conservation of marine habitats.

WWF, The Blue Panda's First Journey

Follow the first journey of WWF's Blue Panda in the Ionian Archipelago to campaign against oil drilling in the Ionian Sea.

Matthias Kirschnereit, Frei Aber Einsam

Pianist Matthias Kirschnereit introduces his latest recording: Brahms' piano sonata "Frei aber einsam". An inspiring, new interpretation of this beautiful, timeless piece of music.

Produced for Berlin Classics

Amal: Hope for Mediterranean Fisheries

Featured on National Geographic.
MedBycatch: Working together to reduce bycatch in the Mediterranean.